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An intricate and sculptural pair of earrings with a hand-shaped, abstract wave of 3D clay plane in gloss finish.

Inspired by the ocean waves and its rich, lush, deep blue colour, those earrings are made in intriguing hue of stunning cobalt blue. The ruffled waves of the edge gives them a beautiful sense of structural depth.


Made of super-light specialist modelling clay, hand painted and finished with gloss varnish. Back posts closures made of stainless steel.

Each piece is individually shaped, painted and finished by hand as a result there might be slight imperfections.

Also, each pair of earrings are one-of a kind, made in a limited quantity of 1 set.


Length: 12cm (4.7")
Width: 7cm (2.7")


Cleaning - Can be dusted off with a soft haired brush or wiped with a dry cloth.
Storage - Please store the earrings in a dry, cool place. Avoid storing the earrings in a direct sunlight for extended length of time.
Handling- Please take extra care while handling the earrings as they are a delicate, handmade pieces.


Each order is posted in a bubble-padded envelope, and packed in an eco-friendly gift box with a satin pouch inside to ensure safe travel as well as safe storage of the pieces.